Klein Tractor Restoration | 1927 Farmall Regular
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1927 Farmall Regular

About This Project

This 1927 Farmall Regular was a very huge job. This tractor was delivered to us with just a frame and motor the rest was in boxes. The story on this tractor is at this is a 4th generation family tractor. The family is the second owner of this tractor since the late 1930s. However this tractor has never left Carver County since new over 91 years ago. It was even purchased at the Eden Prairie Minnesota IH dealership.


Over 15 years ago an uncle decided restore this tractor, after getting started, taking it off apart the uncle became ill and passed away very quickly. The tractor had sat in that condition, not running until it was brought to us this year by a nephew. This project started out very difficult as we were not too educated on something this old. Many parts have been missed placed or simply missing from the start of the teardown many years prior.


Now as one can imagine finding parts would very difficult. After several phone calls and Internet searching it was decided a parts tractor is to be needed to put this tractor back together. The nephew found a 1930 Farmall regular and bought it for the parts, unfortunately in the three years difference many pieces were different. Fortunately we were able to use in find enough parts to put this back together. After over three months time we were able to get it running and functioning as it should once again. This tractor was a surprise gift to the nephews father who had spent many hours on this as a kid doing fieldwork. This past weekend at a local tractor show we were able to present it to him and his family as a surprise on his 65th birthday!, which we were pleased it won the Peoples choice award at the show!


What a tremendous honor it is to be a part of such a family history piece!! The front pipe and bracket mounted on the front of the tractor was a pipe that the great grandfather made to push wagons into the barn, it was asked that we keep it and mount it back on. A few facts about a Farmall regular is that is has 3 forward gears, and top speed of 4mph. 18 hp was the power it produced as well.


20 November