Klein Tractor Restoration | 1962 Ford 601 Workmaster
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1962 Ford 601 Workmaster

About This Project

This tractor has all of its 53 year history with the Sirek family.The 5th generation tractor comes with quite a story. Gil has been collecting tractors that his Grandfather has once farmed with. Tractors that are special to him, that he has memories with since a you boy. The Golden Jubilee that we restored was Gil’s as well, that he bought and restored in his Grandfathers memory, his Grandfather once owned one just like it. Gil was always on a quest to find a 601 Workmaster because his Grandfather Mathias bought one new and farmed with it. Gil, having fond memories of his own of that tractor, along with his father and grandfather and other family members using it also.


A 601 Workmaster is a very rare tractor to find. Gil at a family event happened to be talking to cousin, chatting about how he was still looking for a 601 to have and restore….as the story unfolds, his cousin tells him: at the original home farm, where the Sireks once farmed, there is an old tractor buried in the corner of one the sheds, covered in junk and sunk into the mud, it has been there for many years. Gil who was blown away by this information! He had a hunch this could be THE 601. A few days later, Gil and his son were on the way to the farm, with excitement and anticipation as one could imagine!


Once getting there and digging their way to the tractor, removing everything from on top, low and behold it WAS the ORIGINAL family 601 Workmaster that his grandfather Mathias bought brand new in 1962!! The engine was locked up, all 4 tires were flat and stuck in the mud, and the tractor was in tough shape. Gil was never going to let anything happen to this tractor. He bought it from his Uncle, took the motor out, had it totally rebuilt, and went through everything mechanically to have it in working order again. This is when we got the honor of being a part of this great family heirloom. We restored the rest of it for him.


This tractor went from his Grandfather, to his father, to him, his son, and some day to his 2 grandsons to own and continue in the Sirek name. We hope this tractor stays in your family for the next 53 years! THANK YOU for letting us be a part of this!


20 November