Klein Tractor Restoration | 1940 Farmall “M”
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1940 Farmall “M”

About This Project

Produced from 1939-1952, the Farmall “M” was considered to be the model “H”‘s big brother, witch added larger engine, 12 more H.P. and physically larger tractor. The “M” costed $1,200 in 1940 and was International Harvester’s largest row crop tractor produced in the 1940’s and was a VERY desired tractor among farmers.


Note the hood decals on this particular “M”. The “McCORMICK -DEERING” Farmall name is the correct decal from 1939-1944 (with no “IH” logo in front). “IH McCORMICK-DEERING” was 1945-1948 (with “IH” logo in front of the name.) The “DEERING” name was not dropped until mid 1949. (**This tractor has the incorrect decals, since it is a 1940 it SHOULD NOT have the “IH” logo in front of McCormick Deering name, sorry**) The biggest mistake that you see on most of these Farmalls you see, are the decals stated “McCORMICK” Farmall name only. The reason for this common mistake… In early 1950 International Harvester (I.H.) sponsored a tractor repainting program at all there dealerships to freshen up the tractors on there lots to boost sales.


At this time I.H. was only producing the most current decals and had stopped production on past ones. THUS- The dealerships now in 1950 were repainting all current and older tractors on there lots and receiving CURRENT replacement decals. So all Farmall tractors 1939-1949 that were “McCORMICK -DEERING Farmalls were replaced with McCORMICK only decals, again because DEERING was gone already in mid 1949. This also was the situation for all citizens for MANY years that were repainting these Farmalls, until finally the reproduction of the Deering decals. (not many Farmall owners realise this).


20 November