Klein Tractor Restoration | 1952 Farmall Cub
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1952 Farmall Cub

About This Project

This Cub has some interesting history that started its journey only 20 minutes away. The original owner of this Cub was the grandfather of the gentleman that brought it to us. In 1952 when this Cub was new, it was brought from International Harvester in Chicago Illinois to his grandfather’s IH dealership in Watertown Minnesota. The grandfather took a liking to this Cub and decided to use it around the dealership as a “lot tractor “ to do various jobs.


It stayed with the dealership for another 30 years. In the 1980’s when his grandfather decided to sell the business, an auction was to be had to sell off everything. The family couldn’t bare to see the Cub go. His son decided to buy it at the auction. He owned it for many years where it was used on his farm. Within the last few years it was now purchased by his nephew, this is when we were called to restore it back to its original like new condition.


A belly plow was purchased and we were asked to restore and mount it to the tractor as well. The rear 1 point “cart” it has was with the tractor from its first years! This, like the plow was a IH dealer accessory that you could purchase, among others items that IH offered. We had always identified the “cart” as a “milk can cart”. The milk can cart was exactly that, it fit up 6 milk cans that the cub could haul around. The milk cans where here before the bulk tanks came, to haul the farmers milk to the creameries. We envision this would have been the perfect setup, after a decent snowfall the farmer had the belly plow blade to plow up the driveway with his milk cans on the rear to leave for the milk truck to pick up his milk. We are very honored once again to be a part of a families deep history and keep the memories of the past 67 years with this piece alive!


20 November