Klein Tractor Restoration | 1941 John Deere “B”
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1941 John Deere “B”

About This Project

This 1941 John Deere “B” came to us not running and in boxes of parts, but with a special story as well. This tractor has not left Carver County its whole life. The gentleman that brought us this tractor, his grandfather purchased it new October 1941 from the Hamburg MN John Deere dealership, and even showed me the original bill of sale!! He even mentioned that he believed it was the first time it had left the farm since it came home in ’41. 25 years ago the grandchild of the owner dissembled it (when it was last running) with the intention of restoring it. After losing time and interest and being stored in the corner of the shed, we were given the opportunity to “make it new again”.


After some weeks of work, we had it running again! With basically checking and going through the entire tractor, a lot of used and new parts it was painted, tuned up and working “like new” again. This 1941 “B” was the replacement of horses, and has some rare features, it has electric start (new for ’41,) lights, “slant dash,” dual fuel (runs on gasoline or kerosene,) and has working front shutters! (rare-usually rusted tight or broke.) We are very proud and honored with being asked to restore something so special, and historical to some ones family.


20 November

John Deere